Where is yerba mate produced?

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Where is yerba mate produced?

Argentina is the world's leading producer and exporter of yerba mate. The main areas for the production and cultivation of yerba mate are the Province of Misiones and the northeast corner of Corrientes. In these areas the red soils, with a high iron content, and the subtropical climate without a dry season, are ideal for growing yerba mate.

In 2019 the production of ground and packed yerba mate for the domestic market was almost 277,332 million tonnes, which implies harvesting around 837,256 tonnes of green leaf yerba. In general around 3 kg of green leaves are needed to produce 1kg of yerba mate, because during the drying process, the product loses water and weight.

How many kilos of yerba mate are consumed per inhabitant in Argentina? Based on the data from the last census, the 41 million Argentines each consume an average of 6.4 kg per year.

Source: INYM (Yerba Mate Report)